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non-deet repellents

The Summer Survivor products have evolved to offer humans and pets advanced skin protection based on current science, and changes as new research emerges. More than a repellent, ingredients such as PFE with high ellagic acid content and nepetalactone from Catnip are ingredients which exemplify this principle.

product types

All the product line is spray based, formulated to produce a fine mist spray.

  • The catnip based 'XS' formula (where 'XS' stands for 'Extra Strength') is the flagship of the product line due to the inclusion of not only catnip, but ellagic acid from PFE (pomegranate fruit extract), noni, rhodiola, rich carrier oils, and natural essential oils.
  • The geranium based regular strength formula for those with a penchant for a more perfumy scent and not engaged in peformance sport activities.
  • The Pet Spray, based upon essential oils that have been observed over time to repel mosquitoes.